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Financial Affidavit

When to use Financial Affidavit

When responding to a legal challenge, navigating the divorce process or even while applying for a loan, you may be asked by a court, business or other organization to provide a legally-consequential “picture” of your financial situation. How does one go about providing such details in a legal context? Submitting a financial affidavit generally carries the same legal authority as submitting a sworn statement in a courtroom. An affidavit is a document that is prepared under oath and notarized in order to have legal effect. If you need to provide details of your financial situation in a legally-consequential way, consider using this form so that you can submit an affidavit of financial support to the party requesting this information.


Regardless of the legal or business transaction requiring you to submit this information, an affidavit of financial support works the same way. This form will help you to clearly detail your assets, liabilities, income, debt, expenses and employment in straightforward and effective ways. When preparing to fill out this form, have information about your employment, income, debt, expenses, assets and liabilities ready. This information can take some time to compile, but it is important to gather all relevant information before you submit this documentation. An affidavit serves as a sworn statement, so you cannot submit information that is either inaccurate or incomplete. If you have any questions about the kinds of financial information you must submit for the legal and/or business purposes that require this affidavit, please don’t hesitate to speak with an attorney. When it comes to submitting information under oath, it is better to ask questions than to make assumptions.

Alternative Names

Declaration of Financial Support
Financial Affidavit of Support
Affidavit of Financial Support
Financial Disclosure Affidavit
Financial Statement Affidavit