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Free-Form Letter

When to use Free-Form Letter

Do you need to compose a professional or otherwise formal letter and are unsure of how to proceed? Using a free-form letter template can help to ensure that your message is constructed according to a professional format. This tool will allow you to communicate with businesses, colleagues, non-profit donors and others in a clear, organized and professional manner. As a free-form letter is extremely versatile, it can be altered to suit your specific aims and unique circumstances. As a result, it is an excellent template to keep on file for easy reference whenever you may have need of it.


If you need to draft a business letter, this free-form letter template will allow you to customize a message while remaining clear, organized and professional in your approach. Crafting a professional message you can be confident in sending to a business, colleague, donor, etc. is not an easy task. Working with a carefully constructed template will better ensure that you feel self-assured about any professional messages you may need to send.

This template is completely customizable, so it can be tailored to fit virtually every need. Even the most well-seasoned writers can benefit from having a strong foundation to work off of when it comes to crafting business and professional correspondence. Please consider keeping a copy of this template handy for easy reference any time the need to draft a professional letter arises. You may be surprised how often this resource comes in handy.

Alternative Names

Formal Letter
Letter Form
Business Letter
Professional Letter
Business Correspondence Form
Professional Correspondence Form