Free Form Letter

Use this free form letter to guide you through the process of drafting nearly any official letter.


  • Composing a professional or personal letter
  • Creating a template for future correspondence.


Most of us do not need to write letters in our daily lives, and many of us find ourselves out of practice if the need arises. Use this free form letter to create a customized letter appropriate for just about any occasion.

Let’s face it, email replaced snail mail long ago. However, some things are still more appropriately send in hard copy. Thank you notes to your investors or donors, for example, or employee appreciation letters should be delivered in hard copy to convey the importance of the underlying sentiment. Taking the time to create a nicely formatted, well thought out letter is a gesture that seldom goes overlooked these days.

Some letters must be sent in hard copy for legal purposes. For example, if you want official proof that someone received a certain document, you can send a hard copy requiring signature upon delivery. This free form letter can also be customized with your motto, letterhead, or anything else that you feel should be there to convey the best image of your business. Alternatively, you can use this free form letter as an easy way to draft formal notes to friends, colleagues, employees, and clients to commemorate important events. Use this free form letter to create a customized template that suits your needs.