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Freedom of Information Appeal

When to use Freedom of Information Appeal

There are times when Americans need to obtain information held by government agencies that is not easily accessible as a matter of public record. At these times, individuals, businesses and organizations may be able to request certain eligible information governed by the Freedom of Information Act. Unfortunately, these requests are not always honored. Sometimes requests are rejected for one reason or another and sometimes an agency responsible for providing information does not respond to legitimate requests. In either case, if your freedom of information request has not been honored, you can use this form to begin the appeals process. In addition, if you are hoping to obtain a fee waiver for certain copy and search costs, you may be able to use this form to accomplish that goal as well.


If you have requested information under the Freedom of Information Act and your request was either denied or was never properly processed, you can use this form to help guide you through the appeals process. Receiving a freedom of information rejection can be disheartening. Similarly, never hearing back from the agency responsible for providing you with information associated with a legitimate request for eligible information can be disheartening. However, the appeals process is fairly straightforward and often successful. You are entitled to receive certain information under the law. If an eligible, legitimate request for information has been denied or ignored, please do not hesitate to use this form in order to exercise your rights. Finally, please remember that should you have any questions, an experienced attorney should be able to answer them for you.

Alternative Names

FOI Appeal
FOIA Appeal
Appeal of Freedom of Information Rejection
Freedom of Information Appeal Form
Freedom of Information Appeal Letter