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Freedom of Information Request

When to use Freedom of Information Request

Federal law grants Americans the right to access certain federal documentation. Requests for eligible documentation are governed by the Freedom of Information Act. As a result, requests for eligible information must be made using a freedom of information request. This form will help to ensure that you are submitting correct, complete information in regards to your request so that it can be processed as promptly as possible. In addition, properly filling out this form will help to ensure that your request for eligible information is not rejected. Accessing the information you need “the first time” without having to navigate the appeals process is ideal, as it will save you time and effort.


You may benefit from using this form whether you are in need of specific information at this time or you periodically apply for funding from government agencies and need to have specific legal documents on hand to aid you in this application process. It is in this way that submitting a freedom of information request can serve both urgent and proactive purposes. To expedite the process of submitting your request, have the name and address of the federal agency you are requesting information from handy when completing your form.

In general, the Freedom of Information Act governs information held by federal agencies that is not otherwise disclosed as a matter of easily accessible public record. If you have questions about whether you need to submit this form or whether the information you seek may be otherwise obtained, please do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney in regards to your specific concerns.

Alternative Names

FOIA Letter
FOIA Request
Freedom of Information Request Form
Freedom of Information Request Letter