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FTC Identity Theft Complaint

When to use FTC Identity Theft Complaint

The Federal Trade Commission is tasked, in part, with ensuring consumer protection in a variety of contexts. To that end, it helps to ensure that consumers are protected from identity theft. When an identity theft breach occurs, reporting this fraudulent activity to the FTC can help to better ensure that your interests are protected. In addition, reporting an identity theft to the FTC can help this agency to track down the offender and hold him or her accountable for the harm you have suffered.


If you have been made a victim of identity theft, consider using this FTC identity theft complaint form in order to inform the Federal Trade Commission of what has happened or to follow-up on an initial complaint you may have already made. In either event, you should make sure to keep a copy of your complaint letter for your records. You may need to reference it down the road for the purposes of taking legal action against the offender or proving to creditors that you have an ongoing identity theft problem and should not be held accountable for fraudulent activity on your account.

If you are at all hesitant to report your identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission, please take a moment to think about how frustrating it is to be forced to navigate the fallout from someone else’s fraudulent activity. If taking a few moments of your time to lodge a formal complaint can help authorities to catch the offender and/or allow you to better protect your personal interests, it is a few moments of time well spent.

Alternative Names

FTC Identity Theft Report Form
FTC Notice of Identity Theft Form
FTC Identity Theft Letter
FTC Identity Fraud Notification
FTC Identity Fraud Alert
Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Complaint