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FTC Security Breach Complaint

When to use FTC Security Breach Complaint

The Federal Trade Commission is, in part, responsible for helping to safeguard American consumers from certain kinds of challenges, fraud and mistreatment. One of the agency’s primary areas of concern is ensuring the integrity of sensitive personal data. As a result, it is generally a good idea to report significant security breaches related to your sensitive personal information to the FTC. Perhaps your Social Security number, driver’s license number and address were disclosed in an unauthorized way by your employer, your physician or your bank. Or maybe your sensitive data was hacked and shared widely online. Or your sensitive files were ransacked by an intruder. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the security breach in question, it is generally a good idea to let the FTC know what is going on.


If you are concerned about the potential fallout related to a security breach affecting your personal information, you can use this form to either file an initial complaint with the FTC or to follow-up in regards to a complaint you have already made. Be sure to keep a copy for your reference, as you may need it later on. For example, if your security breach situation results in outright identity theft, you may be able to use your form to prove to your creditors that you have alerted authorities to a security breach and that you should not be held responsible for fraudulent activities on your account. Similarly, you may benefit from keeping a “paper trail” of all correspondence related to this situation in case it evolves in any meaningful way and you need to file legal action in order to right what has gone wrong.

Alternative Names

FTC Security Breach Report Form
FTC Notice of Security Breach Form
FTC Security Breach Letter
FTC Security Breach Notification
FTC Security Breach Alert
Federal Trade Commission Security Breach Complaint