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General Contract for Services

Use this general contract for services to formalize an agreement for the purchase or sale of professional services.


  • Selling professional services to businesses or individuals
  • Purchasing professional services from businesses or individuals.


This general contract for services is a legal agreement regarding any service performed in exchange for some value. This broad category of contracts can be used as a basis for nearly any professional service performed for businesses or individuals. As a result, these agreements are very useful so long as they are customized to accommodate the circumstances of a specific exchange.

Using this interactive form, you can create a template that your business can use when ordering or providing professional services. Many agreements – such as those that cannot be performed within a maximum length of time – must be in writing to be legally binding. Courts may demand a written document if parties to a services contract end up in court, so formally documenting all professional services makes good business sense.

This general contract for services creates also a framework for hiring professional services for your home or businesses. The services to be provided under the agreement should be described in detail to avoid mistake or confusion. This general contract for services is customizable, so you can include details that are relevant to the sale or purchase of professional services, including the rate, timeframe, and parties involved.

A general contract for services can be just as helpful in simple, informal agreements as it can be in complex arrangements for the exchange of goods. A general contract for services can formalize the terms of a lawncare arrangement between you and the teenager who lives next door, or it can formalize the final arrangements for a complex event. Whatever your circumstances, use this form to create a general contract for services that will suit your needs.