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General Liability Release of Claims

A general liability release of claims is a document that can protect you against legal liability associated with your actions or services.


  • Avoiding legal liability for business or personal activities
  • Settling a legal claim requiring a waiver of all present and future suits


If you or your business engage in any potentially risky activities with someone else’s property or assets, you would be wise to make an effort to shield yourself from potential legal liability. A general liability release of claims document is useful if you want to release yourself from potential liability for claims that may be brought against you as a result of a particular activity or business arrangement.

Consider the risks that you or your business undertake on a daily basis. Whether you are trimming trees, maintaining pools, providing construction services, or just performing general labor, you should have a general liability release to protect yourself from liability if anything happens while you are working on someone else’s property. A general liability release of claims is also a good idea if you are performing services for clients like pet sitting and grooming, child care, manicures and cosmetology, or anything else that may involve physical interaction with your clients and their loved ones.

A general liability release of claims document is typically used to prevent a lawsuit, but it can also be helpful to resolve a dispute that has already come up. A party can sign a general liability release of claims if they decide to settle an agreement out of court, thereby giving up a legal claim for some compensation. Use this interactive form to create a custom general liability release of claims document that properly protects you and your business against litigation risk,