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General Receipt

A general receipt is a written document acknowledging the exchange of money or property.


  • Making purchases or sales of goods or services
  • Documenting an exchange of money or documents


We are all used to getting receipts when we buy goods from retail businesses. Many of us also generate receipts regularly as business owners selling goods or services. This general receipt is a form that you can use whenever you or your business purchase goods or services. Every business owner should have some way of accurately documenting business transactions. A general receipt is also a good way to help you keep thorough and organized records for your company. Detailed receipts are an important part of your business records and financial statements. By using this template to write a receipt every time you make major transactions, you can keep a detailed record of sales and expenses. Additionally, you can officially document the transfer of documents by writing a general receipt, which provides evidence on how and why legal documents were exchanged. Keeping extensive documentation is good business practice, and a general receipt can be a helpful way to keep everything organized. This step-by-step general receipt form can be customized to suit any business or personal needs. Whether documenting a large sale at your business or keeping a record of money loaned to friends, this general receipt is a useful way to keep your records consistent and accurate.