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Harassment Policy

A harassment policy clearly spells out a business’s expectations regarding proper and professional behavior in the workplace.


  • Creating a policy regarding proper behavior in your workplace
  • Starting a new business that will involve hiring of employees and/or direct contact with clients.


Harassment in the workplace is never acceptable. Even if innocently intended as good-natured teasing, workplace harassment is a serious issue that can expose you and your business to potential liability. In order to make sure that everyone is clear on the code of conduct expected between employees, supervisors, clients, and coworkers, use this interactive form to draft a customized harassment policy.

Any behavior that can be interpreted as belittling or threatening to an employee or coworker could be considered workplace harassment. Harassment is a major issue in workplace management, and it must be addressed if allegations of improper harassing behavior arise. Courts take these matters very seriously, and if left unaddressed or attended to improperly workplace harassment can expose you to substantial legal liability.

This customizable, interactive form guides you through the process of creating a harassment policy that can help keep your workplace a safe place. The harassment policy form will guide you through the process of making a document that explains to your employees, clients, and colleagues what harassment is and how to report it. Workplace harassment can be a very sensitive issue, so this harassment policy document uses language that sets a positive, respectful tone that encourages everyone to maintain proper and professional behavior in the workplace.