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Home Health Care Contract

Use this home health care contract when hiring a healthcare professional to provide home-based care.


  • Hiring a healthcare professional to provide home-based care
  • Offering home-based healthcare services.


When you are providing professional services, it is always best when your clients know exactly what to expect. This is particularly true when caring for the sick, elderly, and disabled.

Hiring a professional to provide home-based care to your loved ones can help put them at ease at their final phases of life. Similarly, hiring a home-based healthcare worker can help you care for a disabled family member, or just keep someone with special medical needs company during the day while you’re at work. However, when hiring someone to care for someone in such a vulnerable state, it is critical to making sure that all medical and personal needs are taken care of. Establishing everything in writing through a home health care contract can lay out all important information and expectations for a home-based care worker.

If you are a healthcare professional, it is critical that you comply with all federal and state laws. Every state has its own rules regarding licensing, hiring practices, disclosures, and best practices for home care and end-of-life providers. At the end of the day, healthcare professionals are responsible for maintaining compliance with these laws. As a result, if you are a home-based care professional, you should make sure to always have your documents in order.

To keep your records straight, consider using this interactive template to make a home health care contract that you can provide to all of your clients. You can include information that is relevant to your healthcare services.