Identity Theft Complaint to an Attorney General

When to use Identity Theft Complaint to an Attorney General

Nowadays, it is incredibly difficult for anyone to live “off the grid” in any meaningful sense. Personal data is so widely shared and is generally so accessible electronically that preserving one’s privacy rights tends to be a constant struggle. Thankfully, there are tools and resources individuals can use in order to better ensure that their sensitive personal data is safeguarded to the extent that doing so is possible. For example, submitting an identity theft complaint to an attorney general (either state or federal) can be helpful if you are aware that a specific company or organization is unusually careless with its database of personal information. Similarly, this form can be submitted in order to alert an attorney general to certain identity theft concerns and/or direct marketing infractions.


If you are aware that either a company or organization is placing people at an unnecessary risk of identity theft due to its data practices or you have already had your identity stolen due to such behavior, consider alerting your attorney general to your situation by using this form. This customizable template will allow you to clearly and professionally articulate necessary information in order to better ensure that you receive a prompt and effective response. It is important to keep a copy of your submission filed away in case you need to reference it in the future or follow up with the attorney general’s office in regards to your situation. Whether you choose to alert an attorney general proactively to a dangerous situation or reactively as a result of an identity theft that has already taken place, this form can be useful in helping you to achieve your goals.

Alternative Names

ID Theft Complaint to an Attorney General
Identity Theft Notification to an Attorney General