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Independent Contractor Agreement

An independent contractor agreement documents all of the legal duties, terms, and conditions associated with freelance work.


  • Hiring an independent contractor for your home or business
  • Offering services as an independent contractor.


More and more people are leaving their jobs to become freelancers. If you are undertaking a project or building your business, you may be considering hiring any number of additional specialized contractors to help you finish the job. If so, consider using this interactive independent contractor agreement to clarify the terms and conditions of a job.

From hiring writers and designers to plumbers and electricians, independent contracting is a very common way that things get done. Independent contractors can increase the variety of services that you offer to your clients or they can help you get organized around your home. Just about any professional service you could imagine is available through independent contractor agreements, so if you are thinking about purchasing professional services use this interactive form to get started.

In order to make sure any independent contractor you hire is aware of all of the relevant details of the job, contractors must have a clear agreement explaining the terms, conditions, and scope of responsibilities involved. After all, an independent contractor works for you but is not your employee, so you must specify exactly what they are responsible for doing under the limited terms of your engagement.

This interactive independent contractor agreement will help you create a contract that is clear, accurate, and easy-to-follow. By setting out a framework for the time and manner a specific professional service will be carried out, this document is an important first step toward the completion of a successful contractor-client relationship.

This independent contractor agreement creates a binding contract between a contractor and another individual or business. As a result, the project must be carried out according to its terms. Any delay, cost overrun, failure to perform, or defective performance can give rise to legal liability on behalf of the contractor. Likewise, you may be legally liable if you are unable to pay for the services you ordered. To avoid possible confusion or conflict, parties should customize the terms of their independent contractor agreements according to what works for them.

Also consider using this construction contract as a standard business form for your freelancing business. You can use this interactive, step-by-step guide to develop a standard agreement that includes terms regarding important business practices.