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Individual Living Trust Funding Worksheet

When to use Individual Living Trust Funding Worksheet

A living trust can be an excellent financial and estate planning tool. As an added benefit, these resources are generally associated with excellent tax benefits. If you are thinking about establishing a living trust, you should know that you may need to organize a great deal of information during the set-up process. As a result, using an individual living trust funding worksheet can help you to ensure that you can easily reference all the information you need in one spot. Additionally, working through this template will help you to ensure that the tasks associated with the set-up process are ticked off one by one so that your living trust can be established effectively. As a result, you will be able to benefit from the peace of mind that comes with taking a responsible and productive step towards your own financial wellbeing and the maintenance of your broader estate plan.


If you need to determine which assets, property ownership interests and/or income you should transfer to your new individual living trust, you can use this worksheet to accomplish that goal. Similarly, if you need to construct a schedule for the transfer of any assets you plan to move to your trust, you can use this worksheet to do that as well. Living trusts often provide excellent asset protection, tax benefits and a way to easily transition property to your broader estate after you pass away. However, it is important to make informed decisions about the structure of your trust from the start. Making a little proactive effort now can help to mitigate stress, complications and lost opportunities later on.

Alternative Names

Inter Vivos Trust Funding Worksheet
Living Trust Funding Worksheet
Personal Living Trust Funding Worksheet