Insertion Order

An insertion order describes the details of an advertising campaign that will appear in print.


  • Taking out an advertisement in a print newspaper
  • Developing a proposed ad campaign.


Considering marketing options to increase awareness of your brand, services, event, or campaign? Local newspapers are often read by the in-town audience that you want to reach. If print advertising is an option for you or your business, consider using this interactive form to create an insertion order.

When paying for the publication of a professional advertisement, you want to make sure your campaign is designed to properly convey what you are trying to communicate to your audience. Whether you are trying to put on a sale or contest to attract new customers you are trying to bring needed attention to an impoirtant cause or event, you can use this insertion order to make sure the publisher of your print ad knows exactly what you want.

This customizable insertion order allows you to put in your own specifications regarding size, color, and positioning in the publication. It also gives you a place to keep important details like the cost of the campaign, applicable deadlines, and payments due. Use this helpful, interactive insertion order form to create a framework for your next successful print campaign.