An invoice is a document issued by a seller or service provider to a buyer showing the price and details of a particular transaction.


  • Proving the delivery of goods or services.
  • Billing for goods or services provided.


Regardless of whether you sell jewelry, remodel homes, or deliver produce, you need a good invoice if you regularly accept payments for any goods or services. An invoice is a very common commercial document that often serves as a bill or receipt for goods or services purchased in a particular transaction. The invoice is a very important document in many transactions, as it proves that the goods or services were provided and describes the payment and delivery terms for the exchange. This invoice form is a helpful tool that you can use whenever you or your business sell goods or services.

Keeping detailed invoices is a good way to help you keep thorough and organized records for your company. Invoices should include all information relevant to a single sale of goods or services, including the price, quantity, buyer, and payment instructions for the exchange. By using this template to write an invoice every time you make major transactions, you can keep a detailed record of sales and buyers.

This step-by-step invoice form can be customized to suit any business or personal needs. Whether documenting a large sale at your business or keeping a record of customer purchases, this invoice is a useful way to keep your records consistent and accurate.