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IT Service Agreement

An IT service agreement is a contract for the supply of information-technology services.


  • Providing professional IT services
  • Requesting professional IT services.


Many professionals opt to offer their services on a freelance basis. By negotiating jobs with clients individually, some professionals find that they have a greater degree of freedom and satisfaction in their careers. However, because contractors are largely held responsible for the terms that they agree to, anyone offering professional services on a freelance basis should know and understand everything that is required under their service contracts.

Service agreements are common in several industries, and these contracts can and should be customized to the particular job they are being used for. Professionals offering IT services can use this helpful interactive form to create an IT service agreement that works for them. This IT service agreement creates a neat template that you can use to provide important information, such as your name, business contact information, client information, and details of the work being provided. It also gives IT professionals the opportunity to organize information related to the equipment to be worked on or service to be performed, and it provides clear terms regarding payment terms and scope of the agreement. If you are in the business of providing IT services, use this interactive form to create an IT services agreement that suits your professional needs.