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Janitorial Contract

Use this janitorial contract to hire a professional custodian or janitorial service company.


  • Hiring a janitor or cleaning service
  • Offering professional janitorial services.


Hiring professional cleaners can be a great way to keep your office tidy or help you with chores around your home. However, whenever you hire someone to perform services at your home or business, you should make sure that everyone is clear regarding the terms, conditions, and expectations of the job. If you are considering hiring a custodian, janitor, or professional cleaning service, use this customizable form to create a janitorial contract that works for you.

There are several things you may want to clarify in writing before hiring a janitorial service. A janitorial contract should include terms regarding payment and scheduling, equipment and cleaning supplies required, and what cleaning services are included. If you are hiring a janitorial service to clean your home or office when you are not there, you should also clarify how the cleaners will get access to the building. You may also want to require janitorial service providers to perform background checks and carry liability insurance.

If you are hiring a professional cleaning service, use this helpful interactive form to create a janitorial contract that works for you. If you have your own cleaning business, you may want to use this step-by-step guide to create a template you can use for all of your new clients. Having this type of documentation helps keep your business records organized and creates a more formal and professional appearance for your customers.