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Legal Records Request Letter

When to use Legal Records Request Letter

Americans are asked to provide proof of their everyday relationships and circumstances on a regular basis. Adults are regularly asked to provide their driver’s licenses, proof of car, medical, renter’s and/or homeowners insurance, proof of address, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates for loved ones, Social Security numbers and numerous other legal documents for a myriad of reasons. It is partially because copies of legal documentation must be produced on such a consistent basis that it is important to have critical legal documentation on file for easy reference. If you have lost an important legal document, a document has been destroyed, you need certain documentation to reflect a name change, a document is no longer personally accessible or you have never received a copy of a certain document, you can use a formal legal records request letter in order to obtain a copy of virtually any important personal legal document for your records.


If you need to obtain a copy of an important personal legal document, using a legal records request letter can help you to accomplish that goal efficiently and effectively. Once you track down which government agency you will need to approach about obtaining an official copy of a legal document, you can use this form to detail which document you need, where it should be sent, etc. It is important to enclose any fees that you may need to pay in order to receive your copy with your letter when you ultimately send your request along. Please also indicate if you need this request processed urgently for any reason. Depending on the request, you may be able to benefit from expedited processing.

Alternative Names

Legal Documentation Request Letter
Legal Document Request Letter