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Legal Records Request Letter

A legal records request letter is an official request for legal documents.


  • Demanding a legal document from a person or organization that had previously refused an informal request
  • Requesting public legal records from a courthouse or government office.


From time to time, many of us need to get copies of important legal documents. Whether you need a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption papers, an arrest history, or any other public legal record, use this legal records request letter to get the process going.

Legal records request letters are commonly used to request copies of legal records from courthouses, state and local offices, or attorneys. These letters are very useful to help you get the documents you need to shore up a legal claim or prove your rights before an administrative agency. However, you should know that many legal documents are confidential and privileged from disclosure. For example, courts to not typically release information about juveniles in the legal system, and there are often privacy protections afforded to individuals who have been the victim of a crime.

If you have already requested records informally and were denied access to them, this legal request letter can document a formal demand. This can be used to prove your case if you are forced to get a court order to get access to legal documents that you believe you have a right to see.

If you find yourself in need of a legal document, use this legal records request letter to formalize your request. This step-by-step guide will help you make a customized letter that can help you get the legal information you need.