Legal Will

When to use Legal Will

A staggering number of Americans die each year without a legal will in place. As a result, the courts are compelled to intervene in order to determine how the estates of those who are deceased will be managed. If you are a legal adult, you need to have a current, legally enforceable will in place at all times. Thankfully, wills are meant to serve as living documents. Practically speaking, this means that you can update your will as often as your preferences and/or life circumstances influence a need to make that effort. After you take the time to fill out this template, all you will need to do is update it (whenever appropriate) to ensure that you have a legally enforceable will in place. Should you pass away unexpectedly, your efforts now will help to ensure that your wishes are respected, your property passes along in the ways you intend it to and your loved ones are taken care of according to your instructions.


You can use this legal will template to detail your wishes related to a number of your interests. When you pass away, this legally enforceable document will help to ensure that your wishes (as articulated) are respected. Not every area of estate planning should be addressed in a will. For example, advance healthcare directives and assets that could benefit from being passed along via trusts should not be part of the process of drafting your will. However, you can use this template to address how you would like virtually all other property, possessions and assets to be distributed upon your death. You may also be able to name your chosen guardians for any pets, dependent adults and/or minor children in your care. Please make sure to sign your will only when you are in the presence of witnesses who can attest that you were of sound mind when this document came into legal effect.

Alternative Names

Last Will and Testament
Enforceable Will
Simple Will
Complete Will