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Letter to Cancel a Credit Card because of Poor Terms

When to use Letter to Cancel a Credit Card because of Poor Terms

Credit card companies rarely keep their rates, terms and conditions stable for long. Terms, conditions, rates, fee schedules and limits all tend to fluctuate for a number of business purposes. Sometimes, a change affects every cardholder, such as the addition of an annual fee for all card holders associated with a specific account type. But most often, credit card companies alter the terms, conditions, limits and rates of individual card holders. Evolution of terms may occur due to a change in the cardholder’s credit score, payment history or shift in marital status. These alterations may occur for the better or worse, depending on the unique circumstances of each credit card company, account holder and the economic influences of the time.

It is important to know that if your credit card company has recently changed the terms, conditions, rates, limits, etc. of your specific card for the worse that you have rights. You can submit a formal challenge and ask that the alteration be reevaluated. Or, you can choose to cancel your card outright. This letter to cancel a credit card because of poor terms template will allow you to do just that.


If you would like to cancel your credit card and explain why you are now unsatisfied with the terms of your credit arrangement, you can use this template in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes, it is not enough to simply cancel a card. Sometimes, it is important to let a lender know why you are taking such action. This letter will allow you to clearly and professionally accomplish both aims.

Alternative Names

Letter Cancelling a Credit Card because of Terms and Conditions
Credit Card Cancellation Notification
Credit Card Cancellation Verification
Credit Card Cancellation Request
Credit Card Cancellation and Grievance Notification