Letter to Government Official

When to use Letter to Government Official

Citizenship engagement in the political process is one of the cornerstones of American democracy. If you are interested in writing a government official for any reason, know that your participation in the democratic process is commendable. Whether you are in need of a specific request or you simply want to make your views on a certain policy proposal known, this letter to government official template can help you to organize your thoughts and submit a professional looking letter to an elected or appointed representative of the people. Similarly, if you need to communicate with a government employee of a federal, state or local government agency, this letter template will be able to assist you in achieving that goal.


If you need to communicate with an elected or appointed official at any level of government or you need to communicate with a government agency representative, please consider using this letter to government official form in order to articulate your message clearly and in an organized, professional manner. This template provides a customizable framework that can be altered to fit your needs and priorities. Although it is certainly possible to communicate with government officials over the phone or online, submitting a formal request in the mail suggests a seriousness of purpose that other forms of communication may not. In addition, it is easy to save copies of your correspondence for your files, in case you should ever need to reference them in the future. Your participation in the democratic process is commendable; make sure that you are taken seriously by voicing your questions, concerns, needs and/or thoughts in a professional manner by using this template when communicating with government officials.

Alternative Names

Letter to Elected Official
Letter to Elected Representative
Letter to Senator
Letter to Congressperson
Letter to Assemblyperson
Letter to Government Agency Official
Letter to Governor
Letter to President