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Letter to Notify a Bank of an Unauthorized Address Change

When to use Letter to Notify a Bank of an Unauthorized Address Change

Mistakes happen. They are inevitable, as human error is inevitable. Unfortunately, even if you have the ability to take mistakes in stride, it often takes time and effort to fix them. For example, if your bank has either made a mistake in regards to your address or has made an unauthorized update to the address listed on your account, you will need to invest some time and effort into getting that mistake rectified. Thankfully, if you use this letter to notify a bank of an unauthorized address change template, you can undo the mistake efficiently and professionally. Essentially, this letter will alert your bank to the mistake on your account and will prompt the lender to take action accordingly. As an added benefit of approaching this situation in this way, you can easily save a copy for your records in case you need to reference your request again and/or follow up repeatedly with your lender. When you simply call a bank, it is difficult to obtain evidence of what was said on that call. With a letter, you have proof of your request at your fingertips.


If you need to correct an address-related mistake tied to your bank account, you can use this template in order to accomplish that goal. It is easy to use and easy to file away for your reference at any time. You can similarly use this form to follow up with your bank, if you have already called or made online contact to alert the company to the mistake.

Alternative Names

Letter to Notify a Bank of a Fraudulent Address Change