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Letter to Report an Identity Theft to the FBI

When to use Letter to Report an Identity Theft to the FBI

An individual’s unique identity is among the most valuable personal assets anyone can possess. This is primarily why it is so maddening to experience identity theft. In addition to all the practical consequences associated with having your identity stolen, you are compelled to grapple with the reality that someone is using your unique identity in any way they please without your permission. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate the negative consequences associated with identity theft. Submitting a letter to report an identity theft to the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an excellent way to begin walking back the actions of an identity thief.


In addition to contacting your bank, checking your credit report, placing fraud alerts on relevant accounts, etc. it is important to alert the federal authorities to the fact that your identity has been stolen. This formal letter to report an identity theft to the FBI will help you to achieve this critically important task. Even if you have already contacted the FBI via phone or online, you may benefit from following up those actions with a letter. This letter can serve as an important reference tool as you work to undo the damage of identity theft and can help you create a necessary “paper trail” for your records. For example, if a creditor insists that you pay for a transaction made by your ID thief, you can use this letter to the FBI in order to prove that you are taking action in regards to the situation. This action alone can help to inspire creditors to remove unjustified purchases from your accounts.

In addition, submitting this letter will hopefully help the FBI find and ultimately prosecute your ID thief. When illegal action is properly reported, the FBI becomes empowered to act on that information.

Alternative Names

Letter to Report an Identity Theft to the FBI