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Letter to Report an Identity Theft to the Secret Service

When to use Letter to Report an Identity Theft to the Secret Service

If you have suffered as a result of identity theft and have attended a function in which the current president, current vice president, current first lady, member of the first family, high-ranking cabinet official or any former presidents were in attendance, it is likely a good idea to let the U.S. Secret Service know what is going on. Failure to be proactive in this respect could lead to severe consequences, as the Secret Service may hold you in some way accountable for the actions of your identity thief.


Submitting a letter to report an identity theft to the Secret Service will help to ensure that you are proactive in protecting your identity and your access to political events. Also, you will be helping to ensure that the Secret Service is aware of the situation in case your identity theft could, in any way, impact those under Secret Service protection.

If you have already reported your identity theft to the Secret Service via a telephone call or online communication, it is still a good idea to submit a follow-up letter. This form can help serve as evidence of your communication efforts and as a “paper trail” in case you ever need to reference your efforts to contact the Secret Service about your situation.

Finally, it is possible that by submitting this letter, you will help to catch your identity thief. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, alerting the Secret Service to the injustice you have suffered may help the authorities to track the offender down. You never know when making some proactive effort may help you to mitigate the negative consequences associated with the identity theft you have suffered.

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