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Letter to Request a Credit Reference

Use this letter to request a credit reference when good financial references may help you secure a loan or line of credit.


  • Applying for a loan or line of credit where the lender has requested a reference
  • Negotiating for more favorable terms on a new loan or line of credit.


Most of us find ourselves in a position of having to borrow money at some point in time in our lives. However, borrowing money can be a potentially costly and long-term liability, so it is always in your best interest to negotiate the best possible terms when taking out credit.

When applying for credit, make sure that your lender has all of the information necessary to support your request. Mostly, this includes basic information like present income, other outstanding debt, credit history, and how often you tend to take out loans. If you are seeking a business loan or line of credit, lenders will often also require a business plan, accounting information, and other documents that can help shore up your credit risk. Sometimes, if you or your business are looking for a large line of credit, lenders will require security on the loan or impose more onerous interest rates and fees.

When you are negotiating with your lender, make sure you present the best case you can for favorable terms and requirements. Anything you can do to lower interest rates, fees, and collateral requirements will help you in the long run, so consider using this interactive form to generate a customized letter to request a credit reference.