Life Insurance Proceeds Letter

When to use Life Insurance Proceeds Letter

Life insurance policies can prove to be virtually invaluable assets in the wake of an individual’s death. Especially if the deceased was a significant breadwinner and his or her sudden or relatively sudden death throws the financial wellbeing of a family out of whack, receiving a life insurance policy payout can be a genuine blessing for beneficiaries. With that said, life insurance policy payouts are not automatically processed. An insurance provider will not simply provide the proceeds of a policy simply because it has been informed that the policyholder is now deceased. Just as an auto or medical insurance provider must evaluate claims before it opts to confirm or deny coverage related to a claim, so must a life insurance provider. As a result, it is important for life insurance policy beneficiaries and estate administrators to know exactly how to successfully process a life insurance proceeds claim.


If you are listed as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy taken out by a now deceased individual, you can use this letter to formally request a payout of the policy according to its terms and conditions. You may similarly use this letter to request a payout if you are the administrator of the estate left behind by the deceased. If you are unsure of who is listed on the policy as a beneficiary and you believe it might be you, you can use this form to inquire about your status as a listed beneficiary now entitled to a payout.

Alternative Names

Life Insurance Policy Insurance Request
Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary Request
Life Insurance Policy Claim Request
Life Insurance Policy Payout Request
Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary Request
IRS Form 712 Request