Limited Liability Company Worksheet

Use this Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) Worksheet to help you get a better idea of how, why, and where to form your LLC.


  • Individuals are considering forming a new limited liability company or expanding/altering existing corporate structure.
  • Developing a plan regarding operation, financing, ownership, and structure for your limited liability company.


The number of options available to new entrepreneurs when forming their business can be overwhelming. If you have decided to form an LLC, this Limited Liability Company Worksheet can you decide the best way to structure your new business.

The worksheet asks questions regarding ownership, operations, management, operations, and financing for your new business. Based on your input, the worksheet will put together all of the information relevant to your LLC in one place.

This Limited Liability Company Worksheet is a helpful tool for new entrepreneurs working through the preliminary decisions that must be made before starting or expanding their companies. The Limited Liability Company Worksheet keeps track of much of the information that you will need in the future and will help you stay organized as you move forward. Whether you are forming, financing, or operating your company, the Limited Liability Company Worksheet will help you stay on the right track.

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