Location Release

Use this location release to get legal permission from the owner of property you intend to use in a film or video.


  • Scouting locations for a film or video production
  • Filming on privately-owned property or public property restricted from filming.


Many of us take videos to promote our social media presence or to advertise our businesses. Making videos can be a great way to spread brand awareness or promote a personal cause. However, when you are publishing videos for commercial gain, make sure that everyone’s legal rights are protected.

Use this interactive location release form to get official permission to use someone’s prorperty for your video. Whether you are using someone’s dream house to shoot an advertisement, filming an impressive natural landscape, or just setting the scene for your movie, you should consider the privacy and property rights of the people involved in your filming.

You should always be careful when using others’ property for your commercial gain. Laws vary by jurisdiction, but individuals are generally entitled to rights over the commercial value of their property, as well as a reasonable expectation of privacy in their homes and properties. By obtaining a signature on one of these location releases from the property owner of the locations in your video, you are helping to shield yourself from future liability. This location release is also helpful for informing the owner of the property appearing in your movie about their rights and ensuring that all of your commercial media use is fair and compliant with applicable laws.