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Maintenance Contract

Use this maintenance contract to hire a professional to help you maintain your home, office, or equipment


  • Hiring a maintenance professional
  • Offering professional maintenance services.


Maintaining your home, office building, or important equipment is critical to ensuring that your valuable assets stay in working order. If you are considering hiring a professional to help you with maintenance projects, use this interactive form to create a customized maintenance contract.

A professional technician or maintenance company can help make sure your machinery, buildings, vehicles, and equipment stay in tip-top shape. However, whenever hiring a professional to work on your valuable property, you would be wise to establish a clear agreement explaining the terms, conditions, and scope of responsibilities for the job. This interactive maintenance contract will help you create an agreement that is clear, accurate, and easy-to-follow. By setting out a framework for the time, manner, and price for a maintenance project, this document helps make sure everyone is on the same page when they start the job.

This maintenance contract creates a binding agreement between a property owner and a contractor, and the maintenance must be carried out according to its terms. Any delay, cost overrun, failure to perform, or defective material can give rise to legal liability on behalf of the contractor, so parties should customize the terms of their construction contracts according to what works for them. Property owners may also want to make sure that anyone performing maintenance is properly insured against accidental damage or injury. If you need upkeep around your home or office, use this interactive form to create a maintenance contract that works for you. Likewise, if you provide maintenance services on a freelance basis, consider using this step-by-step guide to make a maintenance contract template you can present to your clients.