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Mechanic’s Lien Waiver

A mechanic’s lien waiver is a document necessary to release a lien that a contractor has placed on your property for nonpayment of work performed.


  • You are releasing a mechanic’s lien that you have placed on a customer’s property
  • You are seeking the release of a mechanic’s lien that has been placed on your property.


When a mechanic or contractor performs work that improves the value of your property and you fail to pay, he or she can place a “mechanic's lien” on your property. Once properly executed, a mechanic’s lien is a legal encumbrance on your property and it must be addressed before any legal penalties accrue.

Each state has its own rules regarding when, how, and under what circumstances a mechanic's lien can be imposed, but once a mechanic’s lien has been levied against a property it remains in the land record until it is resolved. While specific requirements vary by jurisdiction, to receive a mechanic's lien, a contractor must generally first complete the work that he or she was contracted for. If the property owner refuses to pay, the contractor may then file a mechanic’s lien in the public records of the jurisdiction where the property is located. A mechanic's lien can be a serious concern for affected property owners. If a mechanic’s lien goes unresolved, it could possibly result in a foreclosure and forced sale of the property. If you discover that your property has been affected by a mechanic's lien, it is best to take all reasonable measures to get the lien waived or otherwise resolved. This interactive mechanic’s lien waiver is a useful tool in working towards resolving a lien on real property.