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Medicare Peer Review Letter

When to use Medicare Peer Review Letter

Millions of Americans rely on the Medicare system for necessary health care services. It is therefore in everyone’s interests that the system is safe, effective and transparent. One of the primary ways that the integrity of the Medicare system is effectively maintained involves feedback from Medicare patients. Medicare patients are among those most uniquely qualified to provide updates about the ways in which the system functions effectively and the ways in which it fails. From time to time, Medicare patients may be sent random surveys asking for their valuable insights. But these individuals do not need to wait for a random survey in order to make their voices heard. Submitting a Medicare peer review letter allows patients to submit feedback at any time. Similarly, this form can be used to challenge a notice of noncoverage, depending on the circumstances surrounding the denial.


If you wish to inform Medicare about your patient experience during a recent hospital stay, office visit, testing session or treatment, you can submit a Medicare peer review letter in order to communicate your positive and/or negative feedback in an efficient, professional way. Taking time to provide Medicare with your patient experience helps to ensure the integrity of the system as a whole. Therefore, if you are willing to take time out of your day in order to submit feedback, you should be commended. Once completed, please keep a copy of this feedback for your reference in case you ever need to revisit it or the Medicare Peer Review Organization would like to follow-up in regards to your experience.

Alternative Names

Medicare Peer Review Form
Medicare Peer Review Feedback
Medicare Peer Review