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Medicare Unnecessary Bill or Service

When to use Medicare Unnecessary Bill or Service

Millions of Americans work in the health care industry. It is safe to say that the vast majority of doctors, nurses, aides, administrative staff, executives and others invested in the health care industry are deeply invested in doing what is right for their patients and are committed to facilitating necessary care. These individuals stand in contrast to a minority of health care industry workers who are more concerned with what is profitable than what is best for patients. When a desire for profits overwhelms one’s desire to facilitate necessary patient care, cracks in the system begin to show. In some instances, it may become apparent that a particular hospital or other medical facility is engaging in abuse of the Medicare program.

If you are a Medicare patient and there are suspicious and/or incorrect charges on your patient care statements, you have been exposed to inappropriate treatments and services as a patient or something is similarly amiss, you may benefit from submitting a “Medicare unnecessary bill or service” complaint letter. It is possible that the unnecessary charges or services you have experienced were the result of human error. But it is also possible that these instances are evidence of fraud.


If you need to report suspicious behavior to Medicare, you can use this unnecessary bill or service template in order to efficiently and effectively achieve that goal. Reporting mistreatment, suspect billing practices and other oddities to Medicare is important for numerous reasons. Chief among them is that Medicare fraud is far more common than you might initially think it is. By reporting potential fraud to Medicare, you may be helping to make the system safer and more transparent for all.

Alternative Names

Medicare Fraud Notification Letter
Letter to Report Instances of Possible Medicare Fraud