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Memorial Plans

When to use Memorial Plans

An important part of the estate planning process that is too often overlooked involves an individual’s preferences for his or her own burial, funeral or memorial. A memorial serves as a celebration of the life that someone has lived. As a result, it is important to ask yourself when estate planning, “Is there a particular way I would like to be celebrated?” Some people like to leave the details of their burial and memorial to their loved ones and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But if you have preferences as to any aspect of your burial, funeral or memorial service, you should know that you are empowered to make those preferences known and to have them respected as a part of your legally enforceable estate plan.


If you have specific wishes that you would like honored in regards to your burial plans, funeral service or memorial, you can use this form to make those wishes plain. You can then file this form away with the remainder of your estate planning documentation, so that when your time comes, your loved ones will know what you want in regards to your burial and/or services. Just like most estate planning documents, memorial plans are meant to serve as “living” documents. This means that they can be updated as often as your preferences change. So please, don’t hesitate to make your wishes known now because you are concerned that you may want something different later. If your wishes evolve, so can your burial, funeral and/or memorial plans documentation.

Alternative Names

Funeral Planning Checklist
Funeral Planning Form
Memorial Planning Checklist
Memorial Planning Form
Final Arrangement Plans