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Move-In Letter

When to use Move-In Letter

If you are new to the role of serving as a property manager, know that seasoned landlords are aware of just how important it is to start the landlord-tenant relationship off on the right foot. Unfortunately, many seasoned landlords had to learn this lesson the hard way. A positive and productive landlord-tenant relationship makes renting arrangements easier to navigate for all involved. There is also arguably a lessened risk of complications and liabilities down the road if your tenants trust and respect you and know that they can come to you with any questions or concerns they may have before a problem evolves into a minor catastrophe. Sending your tenants a move-in letter before their lease is set to take effect is an easy, efficient way of helping to establish a positive landlord-tenant relationship even before your new tenants become your active residents.


You can use a move-in letter as a proactive and productive welcome gesture when you begin renting property to new tenants. This form is customizable, so you can choose to utilize it however you see fit. You may opt to remind them about critical terms of the lease, such as when their rental payments are due every month. You may also provide helpful information concerning their new property, such as when recycling is collected, where they might go in their new neighborhood if they are looking to grab a bite to eat before they have purchased groceries and/or the location of the nearest grocery store. As long as the move-in letter is friendly and welcoming, it will almost certainly be appreciated and will help to build a relationship of trust and respect moving forward.

Alternative Names

Tenant Welcome Letter
Welcome Letter