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Moving Checklist

When to use Moving Checklist

Moving can be a uniquely chaotic experience. Packing up all of the objects contained in a residential or commercial space is only the beginning of the process. The containers carrying those objects need to be appropriately labeled and transferred to a moving vehicle. Once everything is loaded, the property must be cleaned and often requires repairs. In limited scenarios, preparing to move can take hours. But more often, the process of preparing to move takes days or even weeks from start to finish. And when everything that has been packed up arrives at its new destination, every last object must be unloaded and placed… somewhere. The reality of moving can be completely overwhelming for obvious reasons. Thankfully, if you are anticipating a residential or commercial move, you have access to resources that will help you to make this process as efficient, straightforward and low-stress as possible. Working through this moving checklist is an excellent way to start the process of moving intentionally and with a clear vision of exactly what needs to get done, when.


Whether you are moving or are helping someone else move from one residential or commercial space to another, this moving checklist can help you keep you organized and on track as your timeline progresses. Because the process of moving is traditionally so chaotic, it can be easy to forget necessary tasks (Buy boxes!) or misplace important possessions (Where did you set your glasses down?). If you invest time in preparing for your move by working through this checklist, you will place yourself in the best possible position to make a successful, low-stress transition from one space to another.

Alternative Names

Moving Worksheet
Moving To-Do List