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Non Collusion Affidavit

When to use Non Collusion Affidavit

If you have ever submitted or accepted bids for a major project or contract, you are aware that competition can be fierce. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. What gets tricky about the project or contract bidding process is that not everyone chooses to approach it with honesty and integrity. It is important to make this process as transparent as possible so that everyone is allowed a fair, above-board “shot” at earning the project or contract in question. One of the ways in which all parties interested in submitting bids can be compelled to exercise integrity and transparency during the bidding process involves submitting non collusion affidavits. These sworn statements help to ensure that (essentially) everyone is who they insist that they are.


Submitting a non collusion affidavit helps to ensure that bids are made independently and transparently. Insisting that each bidder submit a sworn statement related to their identity and interests helps to boost the reputation of each bidder while compelling the process to be conducted transparently and with integrity. The stakes are high when projects and contracts require a bidding process. As a result, the process itself should not be approached or managed lightly. Using sworn statements that are notarized and bear legal weight helps to keep all parties involved honest and helps to keep the process itself fair. When bidding processes are colored by coercion, deceit, fraud, manipulation, fear-mongering and other negative tactics, the negative consequences associated with the outcome can be disastrous. Taking this proactive step can benefit everyone involved and can benefit the process as a whole.

Alternative Names

Non Collusion Declaration
Non Collusion Verification
Non Collusion Notification Form