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Notice of Meeting

A notice of meeting officially announces the time, date, location, and invitees to important meetings.


  • Notifying shareholders or board members of upcoming meetings
  • Providing notice of other important meetings carried out at your organization


Most companies hold informal meetings with clients and employees all of the time. However, some corporate meetings are required by law, and as a result they must be announced, documented, and carried out in a well planned and careful manner.

Board meetings and shareholder meetings, for example, must be announced formally. This is because corporations are run by groups of directors and shareholders that are all entitled to participate in its management. At each board meeting, directors consider whether any major decisions must be made in order to ensure the company continues to operate in the best interest of its shareholders. Similarly, shareholders hold meetings every year to address company actions that require shareholder participation, including appointing and removing board members, amending corporate bylaws, or approving some major transactions.

Issuing a formal notice of meeting is an important part of responsible corporate management practices. Even when not required by law – as they often are in the case of board and shareholder meetings – having formal notice of a meeting makes business sense because it makes sure everyone who should be involved in important business meetings is on the same page. This interactive form will help companies create a notice of meeting that is clear, accurate, and compliant with notice requirements.