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Organizational Consent

An organizational consent is a document that can act as a substitute for the initial meeting of directors required to form a corporation in many jurisdictions.


  • Starting a new business.
  • Clarifying the management and operational details of a new company.


Because each state issues the corporate laws within their jurisdiction, requirements for forming a legal corporation vary state-by-state. Nearly all jurisdictions require the filing of a charter or articles of incorporation, and many require corporations to have bylaws providing additional information about the management and operations of the company. In some states, new companies must hold a meeting of the initial incorporators or directors before they are authorized to operate as legal corporations.

Unfortunately, it is not always efficient or convenient to hold a meeting where all of a company’s original incorporators can attend. In order to get around this issue, the law allows incorporators to circulate an organizational consent document instead.

In order to use an organizational consent document as a replacement for your initial meeting of incorporators, the document must meet key legal requirements. For example, it must state all relevant details of the corporate structure, including the name of the corporation, the number and identity of initial board members, and provisions regarding voting and scope of the board authority. Use this document to quickly and easily create an organizational consent that you can use to make sure that your company can be formed as quickly and efficiently as possible.