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Personal Fact Sheet

When to use Personal Fact Sheet

There are times when it is, quite simply, beneficial to have all of an individual’s financial and/or estate related information in one place. Whether compiling this information serves to help an individual organize his or her thoughts or serves to help someone else manage that person’s affairs when he or she dies, placing critical information in one easily accessible place can be extremely helpful. A personal fact sheet can be used to guide personal organization of financial and/or estate-related information. Similarly, it can be used to guide an estate administrator in the event of someone’s death. Although it can be intimidating to sit down and compile necessary information in this way, keeping a personal fact sheet on file may help you to make the most out of your finances and may help to make managing your estate easier for your loved ones once you are no longer able to control your assets yourself.


If you want to organize your personal financial information or you wish to “get your affairs in order” for the benefit of your loved ones after you are gone, consider filling out a personal fact sheet as a way to begin this process. This personal fact sheet is customizable, so you can benefit from using it regardless of how straightforward or complex your financial situation may be. Once this reference sheet is completed, you may benefit from sharing it with your estate planning attorney, your spouse, your financial planner and/or anyone else with a vested interest in accessing all of your financial information in one accessible place of reference. This document can be updated as often as you need it to be in order for relevant information to remain correct over time.

Alternative Names

Personal Financial Information Form
Personal Information Sheet
Financial Fact Sheet