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Police Report Worksheet

This police report worksheet will help you organize information you plan on reporting to the police.

Filing or otherwise contributing to a police report or complaint is serious business. Unfortunately, the circumstances leading to the need to file a report or complaint can be incredibly stressful. The details surrounding your experience may therefore become less easily recalled over time. Once the adrenaline of a stressful experience wears off, you may not be able to identify important facts on command. It is therefore a good idea to get your experience (and any supporting documentation) down on paper. That way, you can easily reference your notes related to your experience whenever you need to. As an added benefit, organizing relevant information via a police report worksheet may help you to take your mind off your experience. Once you have committed your thoughts to paper, it may be easier to “put them down” mentally and emotionally. Should you later need to reference them in a follow-up interview, in legal proceedings or for any other reason, you will have a quick reference designed, in-part, to refresh your memory whenever applicable.


  • Organizing relevant information before reporting a crime to the police
  • Preparing you for a police interview or the filing of an official report.


Most of us never expect to get involved in a criminal matter. Working with the police to resolve a criminal investigation is an important civic duty, but it can also be very stressful. If you find yourself needing to report information about a crime, use this interactive police report worksheet to make sure that you have everything you need when you make a sworn statement.

All of the stress and anxiety of being involved in a police investigation can seem overwhelming. However, you can help make sure you are prepared to make a report in the unfortunate event that you have been a victim of or witness to a crime.

When filing a police report, you need to make sure to remember all important facts clearly and accurately. Your information may prove instrumental in the resolution of a crime, and so every detail counts. Use this interactive worksheet to help you organize facts, documents, and any other materials that you may need to make a complete and accurate report to the police. Whether you have suffered from criminal activity or just want to be a good Samaritan who helps solve a crime, this interactive form can help you prepare a police report that is accurate, complete, and helpful to the investigation.

If you have either recently filed a police report or complaint or you are in the process of preparing information intended to be part of a police report or complaint, you should consider using this police report worksheet to organize your information. Should you ever need to access the information you have provided (or will provide) to the police again, you will be able to access this worksheet in your files and have that information readily available. When it comes to police investigations, there are times when the smallest detail matters. Keeping a record of the details of your experience could prove to be an invaluable exercise down the road.

Alternate Names

Police Complaint Worksheet
Incident Report
Incident Report Form
Police Incident Report Form