Promissory Note With Installment Payments

A promissory note with installment payments is a legal instrument that documents one person’s promise to pay a sum of money to another based on a set repayment schedule.

If you are planning on borrowing or lending money and it is within your power to set the terms of your loan agreement, you may want to consider drafting a promissory note with installment payments. A standard promissory note template will give you the freedom to set any payment schedule you please. A promissory note due on demand will allow a lender to insist on full repayment of the loan amount (and any accrued interest) on request. By contrast, a promissory note with installment payments structures the terms of repayment in such a way that the borrower is held to a consistent payment schedule made up of numerous equal payments over time. This kind of arrangement most closely mirrors the ways in which individuals and families pay their monthly bills, so it is a familiar arrangement most people can be held responsible for without issue.


  • Loaning money that you that you want returned slowly over time
  • Borrowing money under terms requiring regular payments


A promissory note records a financial transaction that involves repayment upon a debt. The promissory note will include all relevant details of a debt, including the date by which the debt must be repaid, any fees or interest that may apply, the parties involved in the transaction, and all other terms and conditions of the loan. Sometimes lenders and borrowers want the repayment terms to be simple and consistent. In these cases, the parties may want to execute a promissory note with installment payments. A promissory note with installment payments documents in writing your intent to repay a loan by making payments over time. The loan is repaid in full at the end of the term so long as the borrower has been up-to-date in installment payments. This type of agreement has clear, simple terms for parties who value certainty and consistency in loan agreements. Promissory notes with installment payments may be negotiated on any payment scale that works for the parties involved. Regardless of whether you are the borrower or the person making the loan, promissory notes are an effective way to formalize a repayment agreement between two parties. Many common financial transactions, such as taking out a mortgage, require a promissory note as a matter of law or best practice, so a promissory note is a financial instrument that everyone should be aware of.

If you are going to lend or borrow money and can choose how the terms of your loan agreement are structured, you can use a promissory note with installment payments in order to create a reasonable arrangement that is likely to benefit everyone involved. This template is customizable, so you can set whatever loan amount, interest rates and payment schedule that makes sense for your unique circumstances. Please make sure to keep a copy of your completed agreement for your records so that you can reference it at any time. Planning for regular installment payments can help both lender and borrower get into a repayment “groove” that works for both parties. Consider drafting this particular promissory note unless your lending arrangement would benefit more from an alternative choice.

Alternative Names

Installment Promissory Note
Note Payable with Installment Payment Schedule
Note Payable with Installments