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Purchase Order

A purchase order is a commercial document that signifies an official order of products or services.


  • Making commercial purchases
  • Recording purchases made by your customers


Depending on the type of exchange, there can be several stages of negotiation to a business transaction. Parties may exchange memoranda and letters of intent describing an offer, but usually a purchase order or similar document is required to show that a buyer made a legally-binding offer for the purchase of goods or services. If you regularly buy or sell goods and services, consider using this step-by-step form to create a purchase order quickly and easily.

A purchase order is a document issued to a seller by a buyer requesting that the seller provide a certain type and quantity of goods or services for a specified price. Once the seller accepts a purchase order, he or she has entered into a legally binding agreement for the sale. Purchase orders are a helpful way for sellers to track client purchases, including details of the price and fulfillment of the order. Purchase orders are often required when making large commercial purchases, so businesses should be aware of the form and content of these common documents.

A purchase orders is a basic business document that every businessperson should be familiar with. They are used to record sales, which is critical to organizing the finances and liabilities for a business. Purchase orders should be clear, accurate, and professional. Use this interactive purchase order to create a document that works for your business. Whether you are making a one-time purchase or undertaking regular transactions, creating a customized purchase order will facilitate any exchange.