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Recommendation Letter

When to use Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter can be a powerful asset. Whether an individual is interested in securing a new position of employment, being accepted by a school of his or her choosing, competing for a scholarship, award or professional honor, seeking a promotion or otherwise attempting to embrace some other new experience, a solid personal or professional recommendation letter can go a long way toward helping that individual realize his or her goal.


If you need a recommendation letter written and are not sure how to ask your recommender to structure his or her response, or you have been asked to write a recommendation letter on behalf of someone else, you can use this customizable recommendation letter template to guide you.

If you are asking someone else to write a recommendation letter on your behalf, you may want to compile some critical information about yourself in order to assist the efforts of your recommender. If you have been asked to write a recommendation letter, you may want to ask for important information about the person you are writing about in order to guide your efforts. This information may include contact information, educational and/or professional background, hobbies, past achievements and awards and future goals.

If you are composing a recommendation letter, you should take care to identify your relationship to the person you are writing about at some point in your correspondence. If you are asking someone to write a recommendation letter on your behalf, make sure to indicate whether the person composing the letter should seal it and/or send it somewhere specific. Providing an envelope and postage is courteous, if the letter needs to be forwarded.

Alternative Names

Letter of Recommendation
Notice of Recommendation
Personal Recommendation
Employment Recommendation Letter
College Recommendation Letter
Scholarship Recommendation Letter
Reference Letter
Letter of Reference