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Release of Employment Information

When to use Release of Employment Information

When you go to a routine doctor’s appointment, seek treatment in the Emergency Department or are admitted to the hospital, you are generally required to sign documentation acknowledging that you understand your privacy rights as a patient. Without your explicit permission, your medical providers cannot release information about your medical history, treatment or prognosis to anyone. The medical community, insurance providers and lawmakers take patient privacy very seriously. Many educational institutions and employers employ similar protection measures designed to safeguard the privacy of students and employees. It is for this reason that if you need to verify certain educational and/or professional accomplishments for the benefit of a prospective or new employer, you may need to sign a release of information form for each former school and employer from which you need to gain access to personal information.


If you are an employer seeking to verify an applicant’s or a new hire’s previous educational and/or work qualifications, you may need to provide that individual with a release of employment information to sign. Similarly, if you are an applicant for an open employment position or you have recently been hired and your new employer needs to verify your academic background and/or professional history, you may need to sign a release of information for each relevant institution. It should be noted that these waivers generally only extend to academic and/or professional information specifically related to the scope of inquiry. Meaning, your future employer cannot generally ask about non-professional information, like whether you were ever caught drinking in college or you were ever cited for a dress code violation at a previous job.

Alternative Names

Authorization to Release Employment Information
Employment Information Authorization
Release of Employment Information Form
Permission to Release Employment Information
Authorization to Release Education Information
Education Information Authorization
Release of Education Information Form
Permission to Release Education Information