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Rent Receipt

When to use Rent Receipt

Increasingly, Americans have come to rely on credit and debit card statements in order to verify their purchases. However, there are times when simply double-checking an online bank statement is insufficient for the purpose of documenting that a financial transaction has taken place. For example, paying or receiving rent is a scenario in which a separate receipt should be generated, no matter if that rent is paid by cash, check or credit. The law requires that certain landlords provide their tenants with rental receipts for the purposes of verification of payment and recordkeeping. However, not every landlord is aware of this requirement and/or respects it. Whether you manage a property or you rent a commercial or residential space, you can use this rent receipt template in order to better ensure that your rent payments are properly confirmed. You can then keep a copy of each receipt in case you ever need to reference it again or otherwise prove that the rent in question was indeed paid in-part or in-full on a certain date.


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you can use this rent receipt template in order to keep easily-accessible and accurate records of your rental payments. Should you need a comprehensive annual rental history record for tax purposes, these receipts can be referenced as necessary in order to confirm any and all rental payments made during the period in question. There are times when a lack of receipt can be a liability. Proactively ensuring that your rent payments are confirmed with a receipt can prevent such liabilities from occurring.

Alternative Names

Proof of Rent Received
Proof of Rent Paid, Rent Receipt Form
Rent Receipt Template
Rent Invoice Rent Payment Verification
Rent Payment Confirmation