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Renter’s Inspection Worksheet

When to use Renter’s Inspection Worksheet

When a renter moves into a new space, that renter expects to find property in good condition. Similarly, when a renter moves out, that renter’s landlord or property manager expects to find the property left in good condition. One way to ensure that tenants are not blamed for damage they did not cause but are able to be held accountable for any damage they did cause is completing a renter’s inspection worksheet upon move-in. Once completed, the worksheet will clearly detail whether damage, defects or oddities were present at the time the tenant took over the lease. This inspection record protects the landlord for being blamed for damage caused by the tenant. It also protects the tenant for being blamed for damage that was already present.


If you are a landlord or property manager welcoming new tenants, you may provide this worksheet for them to complete within the first 24 hours of so of their move-in date. That way, they are compelled to search the property for defects, damage and other oddities before they move in all their possessions and it becomes difficult to see every feature of the property clearly. Similarly, if you are a tenant and your landlord or property manager has not provided this kind of checklist, you can complete it on your own before you move in the bulk of your possessions. Once everyone agrees upon the defects, damage or oddities listed, both landlord/property manager and tenant alike will be protected from being held accountable for defects, damages or oddities that they did not cause. Everyone involved should keep a copy of the completed worksheet for easy future reference.

Alternative Names

Apartment Inspection Worksheet
Apartment Inspection Checklist
Home Inspection Worksheet
Home Inspection Checklist Rental Move-In Checklist
Rental Move-In Worksheet