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Request Copy of School Records

When to use Request Copy of School Records

Both private and public institutions of learning keep detailed records of every student that attends their programs. The most commonly referenced school records that are typically requested by prospective employers, colleges and other interested third-parties are transcripts. Especially at the high school, collegiate and post-graduate levels, transcripts provide an important snapshot of a student’s academic performance. However, transcripts are not the only records kept and released by school administrators. It is for this reason that you may find yourself needing to submit a formal “request copy of school records” letter instead of simply requesting a copy of a transcript, which is limited in scope. When submitting this request, take care to address it to the school’s registrar or other appropriate recipient so that it doesn’t get lost in a shuffle of more general mail.


If you need access to your child’s school records or your own school records, you can use this request letter template to accomplish those goals. In addition to securing a transcript (when applicable) a records request may help you to obtain attendance records, teacher and counselor notes and other information contained within a student’s file. This information can then be provided to any third-party with an interest in the information, such as a prospective college, scholarship provider, tutor or employer. Similarly, if your child needs to transfer schools at either the beginning or in the middle of an academic year, securing your child’s current school records will be an important part of making that transition successful. By providing your child’s new school with his or her records, challenges related to placement, course selection, etc. will be made easier and able to be resolved in an accurate way. Please consider keeping a copy of these records for easy reference, in case you need to provide them to another interested party down the road.

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